"I chose Neoprospecta because today, in Brazil and in the world, process control through DNA analysis is the most accurate and effective methodology. One advantage of using this methodology is that it can reveal a complete DNA sequence of A living organism. Through this mapping, it is possible to identify the actual source of contamination and to relate if there were failures in the preventive and sanitary control of a manufacturing process. The platform is very easy to handle and allows you to have a database of all the microorganisms identified in your process."
Karin Souza
Quality Supervisor
Specialist in food microbiology
Louis Dreyfus Company Sucos S.A
“I've been working in the area of ​​infection control for over 20 years. I believe that the moment we live in is the most challenging. The combination of resistant microorganisms inside and outside hospitals, a shortage of therapeutic options, a change in the remuneration model of private hospitals and a reduction of resources in public hospitals imposes the need to review the role of infection control in institutions. We are working with methods from the last century and, most of the time, without knowing the microbiological reality of our hospitals. We urgently need tools that enable us to know the problem so that we can solve it. At the end of 2014, HCor used neoprospecta to perform a microbiome analysis of some places, aiming to combat an increase in the incidence of cases of carbapenem resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae (KPC). Through the study, it was possible to conclude that it was a clonal dissemination of KPC and to identify areas that operated as an environmental reservoir, allowing the action in an accurate way, reinforcing isolation and cleaning protocols.”
Dr. Pedro Mathiase
Coordinator of the Hospital Infection Control Service
HCOR (Hospital do Coração de São Paulo)
“The rapid identification of resistance genes in samples for surveillance and/or diagnosis is an extremely useful tool in controlling the spread of bacterial resistance. A result that can be given in hours allows the rapid installation of contact precaution measures and the reinforcement of other prevention actions.
In addition, it is also a valuable tool in the investigation of outbreaks from environmental reservoir, especially when basic control measures and epidemiological analysis have not been able to identify the causes.”
Dr. Ícaro Boszczowski
Coordinator of the Hospital Infection Control Service
Alemão Oswaldo Cruz Hospital
“We use Neoprospecta's microbial identification technology and services in order to obtain accurate and reliable results on environmental isolates and thus improve our production and laboratory processes more and more. The option for Neoprospecta was based on its expertise and technical audit performed in its quality processes.”
Paulo César Pires Normandia
QC Microbiology
Mylan Laboratories Ltda
"The technology was used in the hospital with the objective of diagnosis and also as an educational tool in an outbreak situation of Acinetobacter.The tool, besides diagnosing the sites of microorganism positivity, has a visual effect in materializing the microbiological information, Giving a real notion of the dimension of the problem.It is a highly effective technology for educational, instructive and preventive action in containing the dissemination of microorganisms in the environment."
Dra. Magda da Conceição
Physician - Infectologist
Coordinator of the Hospital Infection Control Service
Hospital Barra D`Or
"At the Center for Studies, Research and Veterinary Ophthalmology – (CEPOV - Centro de Estudos, Pesquisa e Oftalmologia Veterinária ) - we always seek the latest technology for the solution of our challenging cases and Neoprospecta has given us support in molecular diagnostics, using DNA sequencing to identify pathogens that mainly attack the ocular area of our patients.The information obtained through the sequencing of DNA allows us to take assertive actions in the treatment of the patient and, even, to find out if the animal has any resistance gene that justifies flaws in the proposed treatment. In this way Neoprospecta helps us achieve our ultimate goal, which is the healing of our patient. We are partners of Neoprospecta because we are extremely exigent in the exercise of Veterinary Ophthalmology. And because this partnership is a source of pride to us, directors of CEPOV, we hope it will persist throughout our lifetime."
Jorge Pereira
Veterinary and Doctoral Student from UFRJ
Technical director
Center for Studies, Research and Veterinary Ophthalmology  (CEPOV)
“Neoprospecta is an innovative company that is being a strong partner in investigating possible sources of hospital outbreaks. Sequencing of genes such as 16sRNA (and/or resistance genes) is a more sensitive and fast methodology than traditional methods such as culture. Allowing the rapid screening of environmental sources of hospital outbreaks and an initial sorting of the clonality of the isolates that should be confirmed by another method of molecular typing. It can also be useful in the evaluation of cold chain contamination, as well as hospital equipment. However, as every diagnostic tool should always be taken into consideration the clinical context and the agent which is being investigated. In the area of ​​bacterial resistance, the company is developing the methodology for the screening of patients infected and/or colonized by multidrug bacteria.”
Dra. Silvia F. Costa
Professor, Department of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
Head of the Medical Research Laboratory LIM-54 of HC-FMUSP
Medical School - University of São Paulo

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