Researcher – Molecular biologist (Temporary vacancy)


– The collaborator will act on planning and executing projects in line with company’s objectives;
– Studying regulations (ISO, AOAC, etc.) and their requirements will be necessary in order to develop
methodologies compatible to them;
– The collaborator will also write technical notes, reports, articles, among others.



– A strong knowledge of molecular biology,
– A strong knowledge of genomics,
– Experience with Oxford Nanopore DNA sequencing is desirable,
– PhD in biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology or related fields,
– Advanced level of English.



– To be able to debate using logical arguments, reasoning, and critical thinking;
– To have good interpersonal and social skills for the Workplace (cooperating with others, active listening,
having a great attitude);
– Be proactive at work;
– Independent decision making



– Community kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, sandwich maker;
– Flexibility of schedules;
– Open coffee.


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