Developing and implementing innovative solutions for microbiological analysis, management and control.

Neoprospecta is a biotechnology company with competences in the following areas:

We are a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative microbiological analyzes, based on new generation DNA sequencing, biocomputational analysis and quantitative PCR techniques.

The set of molecular technologies and biocomputational algorithms, developed by Neoprospecta, gave rise to the innovative digital microbiological diagnostic method. For interpretation of the microbiological results we have a sophisticated software called Neobiome.

In addition, Neoprospecta, using quantitative PCR techniques, has created a line of rapid tests for the detection of microorganisms and antibiotic resistance genes.

Integrated, these innovative technologies form one of the most complete platforms for microbiological analysis, management and control. We have a range of solutions, products and services geared to the needs and challenges where rapid, sensitive and accurate microorganisms knowledge and diagnosis are crucial for decision making and operational quality.



Developing and commercializing solutions in microbiological analysis, management and control.


Changing the paradigm of microbiology with innovative high-impact solutions and democratize access to state-of-the-art microbiological analyzes.


Making Neoprospecta an international reference in technologies and solutions for the analysis, identification and control of microorganisms.


Scientific rigor, team growth, excellence, enthusiasm and execution.

Neoprospecta has a modern laboratory infrastructure with advanced equipment of microbiology, molecular and genomic biology.

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