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The human microbiome is the set of microorganisms that inhabit our body. Many studies indicate an intrinsic relation between some diseases and the human microbiome, such as inflammatory bowel diseases.

With the growth of personalized medicine, Neoprospecta decided to take the initiative to be the first company in Brazil to offer human microbiome analyzes.

The innovative digital microbiological diagnostic method allows identifying all bacteria, fungi and protozoa in complex samples, helping the physician to discover etiological agents that cause certain pathologies.

In addition, Neoprospecta has a solution that allows the physician to identify whether a patient has an antibiotic resistance gene, regarding faster administration of the correct antibiotic.

On the Neobiome Clinical platform, this diagnosis, combined with sophisticated microbiological analysis software, allows health professionals to access the results in an agile, didactic and transparent way.



  • Identification of microorganisms that cause pathologies that conventional analyzes cannot detect;
  • Identification of resistance genes in patients;
  • Greater assertiveness and speed in the correct choice of medication.
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