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Microbiological contaminations in food imply costs related to batch loss, decreased productivity, loss in operational quality and brand credibility.

Microorganisms such as bacteria have a very fast growth rate and are easily disseminated by the environment. In addition, many species of fungi and bacteria are persistent in the environment and resist various products and cleaning procedures.

Contamination in food can happen for reasons such as flaws in processes, environmental contamination, contaminated inputs, flaws in sanitation procedures, human failure, among others.

In this context, the Neobiome Food platform was specially developed to serve as a tool for quality control, containment of microbiological contaminations and safety in food handling and production

The Neobiome Food platform allows quality control professionals to map the main risk points in their floor plan, identify causes of cross contamination, evaluate the quality of their processes, validate their cleaning procedures and carry out educational actions with their employees.


  • Reduction of time to identify the source of cross-contamination;
  • Processes improvement and prevention of microbiological contaminations;
  • Strategies for shelf-life increase;
  • Reduction of costs associated with batch loss due to microbiological contamination;
  • Gains from marketing and operational efficiency.
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