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The methods of analysis of microorganisms available in the market for identification of bacteria and fungi present some limitations such as low detection capacity and low scalability. In addition, the most advanced equipment available for this type of analysis requires large investment and high maintenance costs, limiting the work of microbiology professionals and quality control officers in the pharmaceutical industries.

In order to solve these problems, Neoprospecta developed a method of analysis called digital microbiological diagnosis (DMD). This methodology uses as a basis the new generation DNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis, allowing the precise identification of microorganisms

Associated with sophisticated microbiological analysis software, DMD forms the Neobiome Pharma platform, a modern tool for research and prevention of microbiological contaminations.

This tool makes it possible for quality controllers to investigate the source of outbreaks and contaminations, improve their processes, validate cleaning procedures, and evaluate the sterility of areas, inputs, and products.


  • Gain of scale;
  • Greater efficiency and assertiveness in the identification of microorganisms;
  • Reduction of operational cost with employees;
  • Processes improvement;
  • Prevention of microbiological contaminations.
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