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Many diseases in small and large animals are neglected and treated with medicines without a reliable examination of the pathogen causing the disease.

The Neobiome Vet platform is a modern tool for microbiological analysis and management that allows the identification, through large scale DNA sequencing, of pathogens that cause diseases such as fungi, bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

This tool allows you to investigate and discover the causes of diseases such as cystitis, otitis, mastitis, corneal ulcer, among other chronic diseases.

In addition, with this powerful tool it is possible to carry out quality control actions, contamination tracking and microbiological outbreak containment.

This information allows the veterinarian to take more assertive actions in the treatment of the patient, including finding out if the animal has any resistance gene and does not respond adequately to the antimicrobial.


  • Greater assertiveness in animal treatment;
  • Cost reduction in antimicrobial treatment;
  • Tracking of the cause of systemic infectious contamination;
  • Containment of microbiological outbreaks.
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